A Cleric / Ranger who has choosen this path to help bannish the dark queen


Zamorra is a Half Elf who stands at 5’10 with short brown hair. He is clean shaved and his eye are a mix between brown and green. He has not really elf like features which makes it easier for him to blend into the human world. He’s preferred weapon are a mace and his a longbow. This is based on the fact that he was unwilling to sharpen the sword each time he hit a tree trunk or something similar. He would rather read and study herbalism then “waste” his time sharpening a sword.


Zamorra was born of a human mother and an elf father. His mother who worked as a herbalist for the Grand Duke, died shortly after his birth and his father disappeared shortly thereafter. Rumor has it that he was implicated in her death, and he fled back to Silvanesti to escape “justice” at the hands of the Knights of Solamnia, however because he fathered a child with a human he was considered a dark elf (betrayer to his race) and he moved away up west before the Speaker of the Silvanesti could exile him. After his childhood he moved to a small cottage his mother left him and he studied herbalism and wild life, but recently he has been having dreams and “visions” of a beautiful woman wearing a blue dress. In the dreams and visions she’s always doing something pleasant (e.g. having a picnic; shopping in the summer bazaar; walking the gardens of the castle) and then she seems to be frightened by something a dark shadow seems to come over her then she vanishes—and he can only hear her calling out to him calling him to come find her, crying because he has left her in the darkness.


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