A wily and adventurous city girl from Calinhand.


3rd level Rogue / 2nd level Ranger

Standing 5’ 4” tall, Iohalia is a slim young lady with brown hair and blue eyes. Born and raised in Calinhand, she is a city girl through and through. She has never ventured very far out of the city having heard of the perils of the outside world. She generally has a light-hearted, happy-go-lucky disposition with little regard for laws and law enforcement. She does what she feels is right and has been known from time to time to steal from dishonest merchants and donating the proceeds anonymously, minus her cut of course, to hard working families who are just getting by. Whenever possible she tries to avoid bloodshed, live and let live as they say, however that does not mean she is unskilled with various weapons, most notably her rapier and crossbows.


A very smart and agile young lady, Iohalia Tannerson is the youngest of three with an older brother and sister. Her brother is 20 years her senior with her sister being 15 years older. Her family resides in Calinhand, working hard as honest folk in the leather tanning industry. She grew up in and around the city and, being the youngest and thus often overlooked, spent much of her youth getting into various forms of mischief with the neighbourhood rascals. As a result of her many scrapes with the local law enforcement, her parents have given up trying to ‘straighten’ her out and are just waiting for her to grow out of this immature phase. Both of her older siblings feel likewise, with her older brother firmly entrenched in the family business and well on the way to taking it over and her older sister married and taking care of a family of her own.

Iohalia never gets into any serious trouble with the law, usually just petty theft and the occasional burglarly from merchants who could well afford it. She has become quite good at marking her target, usually the wealthy human merchants who come into town to trade. She tends not to target the non-human races. Although some do pass through Calinhand, she does not feel familiar enough with them to try her luck with their pockets, as it were. As her targets and plans have become more sophisticated, she has begun adding poison use to her list of skills and tools from which to draw on. Not wishing to cause permanent damage, only temporary incapacitation, she limits her use to those that do not cause death.


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