White Robe Wizard of High Sorcery


Journal entries:

1) I have been assigned to the Duke of Calinhad as an adviser, I’m not sure why. There seems to be some urgency in the order and I am told to immediacy to stop all research and travel from the Athaneum to Calinhad with a letter of introduction, indicating I am assigned to The duke and am to assist him.

2) I’ve been in Calinhad for almost a month now, there is a tension about the town as more and more troops are sent to support the Northern tribesmen, crime is on the rise and I was assaulted in the streets, fortunately Solamnic knight can to my aid before I was force to implement magic to defend myself. Afterward the Knight chastised me for being out on the streen and implied I was the cause of the problem. It seems the Knights still have little use for wizards…..

I do not know why Ive been exiled to this place, perhaps some offense….I hope I will be allowed to return soon, this is a waste of time

3) Festival day. I have been “requested” to attend another event, this is becoming too much to bare. Since I’ve been here all I do is attend functions, I’ve not even been asked my opinion let alone advising the Grand Duke. I understand he is busy with war preparations but I feel useless and since it is dangerous for me to walk the streets I must now either go in disguise or with armed guards…

Mayham breaks out in the square, after and odd collection of people appear suddenly one of the Solominic Knights turn into an abomination, what can only be described as a giant flying lizard man of some kind…The Grand Duke is attacked and almost carried off, several of the other town’s people are smaller lizard men with wings, and by far the most disturbing part is they resist my spells. Once killed they turn to stone trapping the weapons of several people attempting to save the Duke, I use my magic to assist them, but the Duke is still rendered unconscious. The Wizard that appear just prior to the attack, I’m sure I don’t know him, but he seems very familiar. Reading the note he passed gave me

“Theden of Daltigoth, Council to the Duke of Calinhand,

A great and powerful darkness has risen threatening all of Balifor. We have taken measures to protect the Athenaeum from this terrible threat. We have gone into Isolation. No one may harm us. You are on your own.

May the Art be strong with you.”

As I think on this more I feel the same irritation that Wizard showed, what were his words…he called them “Cowards” and said “stronger men need to lead the arcane arts”

I wonder if he meant himself, he did seem extremely powerful, I must think on this more.

And the group that appeared.

Herald who introduced the old man Old man with staff that gave the reading and then was hit by the draconian. Young woman in blue. Man in white robes looking like a Wizard Huge man with the head of a minotaur / bison Slender warrior man with bow and arrows Monk standing with woman in blue

I wonder who they all might be.

4) Calinhad is under attack! The city is being assaulted, it seems the attack on the Grand Duke was to get him out of the way to ease the assault on the city. We have been asked to get the Marquist out of the city before it falls, but the city is being overrun, it seems our only chance is to flee to the Beast Run. The beast run is hardly safer then the city but we have no where else to go.

More forces attacked the Grand Duke’s residence, but by far the most disturbing is that there are a new type of creature that can cast spells. They are very intelligent and target me once they recognize me for what I am, Hawkeye and

Lizard men have captured the gatehouse to the castle, this forces our hand, we have only one


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