Balifor Plains Nomad


Level 2 Ranger / Level 3 Barbarian

Hawkeye is a nomad from the northern plains of Balifor and as such is very much at home with the outdoors. Traditional nomad clothing of leathers and beadwork are accompanied by a some city made things he’s acquired since living in Calinhad.

Unlike the barbaric plains nomads, however, Hawkeye’s skin is much lighter in colour and his features far more in keeping with the civilized city dwellers of Port Balifor and Flotsom. He makes no argument about this, but regardless feels that he is a nomad plainsman through and through and shrugs off any opinions to the contrary.


Hawkeye came from the northern plains of Balifor to Calinhand leaving behind desolation and war with the Khurish tribes from the northwest desert lands.

While in Calinhand, he looked for various opportunities to aid those in need as well as to petition any who might listen about the plight of his people and the need for men to go north to join the fight.

Now that the Dragonarmy has come, Hawkeye is left to wonder what has become of his father’s people and lands under the great shadow. At every opportunity he looks to obtain news of the war on that front and is always on the lookout for survivors.


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