Dragonlance Parables

The Second Session: Dragons of Courage

The Beast Run

After fleeing for their lives, the heroes ended up on the outskirts of the Beast Run, a section of dense, nearly primordial forets to the east of Calinhad. After finding shelter and taking time to rest after the attack from the dragon, the heroes went searching through the edge of the woods for other survivors. Soon, they would come across three farmers trapped in what appeared to be sticky webbing of some kind with a large hideous creature attacking them – an ettercap! Charging in, the company soon found that the entire area was a sticky mess of tangled webs. After hacking through some of it, a large spider descended from the trees to attack but was soon killed leaving only the ettercap to deal with.


Before being able to engage the ettercap, an armoured figure plunged down through the branches with the beast underneath, killing it swiftly with a large blazingly lighted two-handed sword. This turned out to be a Solamnic knight, one whom Ariana knew very well! He soon told of a camp where refugees were gathering in safety and agreed to take everyone there.


The Refugee Camp

Upon arrival, the camp seemed full of despair and dismay with huddled masses of thoroughly beaten down people from the surrounding Balifor territory. Somehow, the forest didn’t seem to grow in this section of land, the home of a woodsman named Jerek. Jerek seemed to have plenty of everything to give to the refugees including healing supplies and food and extended his welcome to the heroes. He beared a terrible sadness about what had happened to the people.

The Amulet

Upon showing Jerek the amulet discovered in Calinhad, his demeanor began to change and suddenly a symbol of Jerek’s own faith appeared around his neck. Jerek explained a great many things about the old gods and showed the companions that the constellations were askew, one of them missing! Slowly, Jerek grew more confident and self-assured and the next day, the healer of the companions found that he could work miracles of healing among the people gathered at the camp. Like wildfire the news spread and where there was once a sad camp of destroyed peoples there was now a camp of rekindled hope for the future and strength of purpose.

The Plan

Discussing with Jerek and Bryce, the heroes finally decided to take Jerek’s advice and try to elicit help from the court of the Fae peoples and their king. The grig from Jerek’s home was to accompany them and lead the way. Three strong looking warriors picked from the refugees at the camp were commanded by the knight Bryce to join the group.

The Court

It would only take half a day for the group to reach the court of the Fae King. With the merry grig pointing the way from atop the helm of a dwarf, the company soon ran into a group of satyrs and centaurs who did not seem best pleased to meet them. One of them was known to the grig, Robin, and after a tense stand-off the group was bidden to follow to the court of the fae king. The journey through a massive stone archway deep in the forest magically transformed the landscape into a picturesque valley of lavender and tall grasses with a mystical open aired castle structure in the middle. The company journeyed down into the valley and soon came to the high ceilinged basilica of the Fae King. Leaving their weapons at the door, as bidden earlier to do so, they went inside.


The Hidden Dragonman!

No sooner had the group met with the king, a man of ancient years and yet somehow young at the same time, did the king point towards them with the call “You are not welcome here!” Confusion spread before suddenly a massive dragonman unveiled himself from his human disguise and killed one of the group, nearly killing another! With no weapons, the heroes had to improvise. Many ropes were thrown to try and tether the dragonman as he leapt into the air to take flight. Many axes were dragged by a tired looking, yet very game, grig. Plenty of spells were cast. After a long battle, a severely injured dragonman flew off and out of the building leaving the company to turn to the king in fear of his reaction only to find him clapping his hands in praise.


Great job. Excellent summary of the key events Allan! ;)


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