Dragonlance Parables

The First Session: Dragons of Courage

Krynn world map   1

Draconians at the Church

At the Alms Day Celebration you discovered draconians. Its shocking that the draconians managed to disguise themselves so they could get in the city and then move among people without being noticed (too much). The large silvery draconian did more than that – it was able to actually change itself into a Knight and pretend to be one well enough that it was on stage with other Knights and the Grand Duke. The silvery draconian was much larger than the other types of draconian (+/- 8’) and seemed much more dangerous (physically). The silvery draconian was the only one you saw actually fly, the others seem to be able to only glide.

Dragonarmy Numbers

More than 600 draconians arrived by ship. There are now 25 vessels (caravels) in the Ironflow River. Over 1200 infantry arrived on foot overland. And at least as many arrived on the flying castle. And there are dragons. All told you are looking at about 3000 dragonarmy forces now occupying Calinhand. More importantly, it represents a huge strategic advantage for the dragonarmy. They are moving on the seas, overland and in the skies to capture what you expect is all of Balifor and maybe more.

Calinhand, at the time of the attack, had about 1700 infantry men (mostly mercenaries) working to defend the city.

Draconians at the Castle

In the bold attempt to take the castle after the invasion began, you discovered another type of draconian – an arcane spell casting draconian. Keeping in mind the general absence of arcane magic in the setting in general, I think you can understand how strategically important having arcane spell casters in your ranks can be – no army anywhere on Krynn has arcane spell casters period, never mind in enough numbers to actually place them with foot soldiers in the streets.

Dark Cleric in the Streets

In what can only be describe as one of the most horrific things you’ve ever seen, a lone dark spell caster “awoke” the dead and had them fight to defend him from your attacks. Many things about this encounter are strange—but the strangest of all was that in taking the only real item of importance or value from the man, a medallion you witness and odd change. The medallion, when taken by Zamorra, changed from black metal into silver, and the image on the medallion changes from five dragon heads to a blue infinity symbol. What all this means still remains to be determined.

Dragonarmy in the Skies

At the city gate, attempting to escape the city, you witnessed the approach of one of the dragonarmies most dangerous tools, a flying citadel. Literally a castle floating on a mountain of stone in the sky. The approach of the flying citadel saw many many draconians leaping from it and gliding down into the city below. Walls and other terrestrial barriers are no obstacle for such a menace. More over, once the attack was fully underway, a large black dragon made its appearance from the flying citadel representing a terrible threat from the skies.

Refuge in the Beasts Run

The dense forest of the Beasts Run is a perfect refuge given all that has happened in the last day. While it is not safe, it is a good hiding spot and if you can find safe place there, you will have some time to heal and discuss your options. The Beasts Run is notoriously dangerous, with foresters having all kinds of wierd and bizzare tales about the strange monsters that live in its densely forested hills and dales.



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