Dragonlance Parables

Dragons of Mercy - The Fifth Session

To The Tower We Must Go

Quick Summary!

After assaulting Shrill on the Wendlewrithing and discovering information about the lost high tower of sorcery in the area, the party split into two groups. Zamorra and Iohalia headed back to the refugees of Balifor and Jerek Greenkin to spread word of the discoveries and the group’s victories over the forces of the Dragon Army.

Aeruk Ironarm, Hawkeye, and Thedan headed onward, determined to find the enchanted forest and the tower beyond it, armed with a powerful warding scroll to pass through the forest safely.

Unfortunately, the powerful warding scroll turned out to be little more than a mages party joke. Numerous babblings by Aeruk, nervous arrows shot at all living creatures by Hawkeye, and gnoll on gnoll action later, the group finally managed to get past the forest and into the black obsidian tunnel bored deep into the side of the cliff face.

After travelling down the tunnel, the group came out into a massive underground cavern in which a tower had been split into three suspended pieces, each bigger than the last. Approaching the gate revealed great magic inside this place. Could it be the lost high tower of sorcery?

A stone guard at the gate slaughtered Hawkeye in two blows.

Yes, I think it’s safe to say this is a tower of high SOMETHING.

A strange winged demon guide appeared to respond to Thedan’s demands to enter the tower and soon the remaining members of the party were being led through open doors deeper and deeper into the tower to meet up with a strange old individual – the master of the tower, as old as the cataclysm itself!

Oh, and Hawkeye wasn’t really dead, just illusorilly dead. He’s fine.

After a brief conversation with the master of the tower and a crazy laser light show thanks to the armillary sphere that revealed great information about the state of the world and our heroes roll in it, the master began to wither away and die, the long years catching up to him. Quickly, Thedan took control of the tower and thus became the youngest and most inexperienced wizard to ever hold such a position of power. Hawkeye and Aeruk exchanged glances of concern when Thedan began to cackle with glee. Did I mention this tower holds a hojillion books on black sorcery including the necronomicon?

To be continued…



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