Dragonlance Parables

The Seventh Session
Leaving the Bloodwatch

The horrific screeching of the wounded dragon lifting into the night sky, the three heroes had succeeded in defeating the dragon army garrison at the Bloodwatch temple and gained a mythic dragonlance in the process.

Without wasting too much time, the group sifted through the great treasure pile collected by the dragon and picked out the more valuable and transportable pieces along with a sizeable sum of iron pieces with which to take care of their financial requirements. Distributing the coin as evenly and equitably as possible (the dwarf carried most), the group swiftly departed into the night sans their gnollish guide Septus.

Deciding to make their way along the coast in an attempt to avoid entanglements with the roaming gnoll warparties of the laughing lands, the group was hopeful that they might find a ship willing to transport them to Flotsom, a small port town on the northern Balifor coastline, so that they might continue their journey into the Khalkist mountains in search of the dragonstones.

Finding a Ship

Late evening approached when they came across a small fishing ‘village’. Little more than ramshackle huts and tents with a series of small wooden floating piers, there appeared to be a large merchant ship anchored offshore and with it many days of land travel potentially saved.

Locating the tavern, a barn like building full of boisterous and mostly human patrons, Aeruk and Hawkeye ventured within in the hopes of finding some of the sailors of the ship and buying passage. Thedan, whose last fact finding mission into a tavern resulted in the untimely explosion of heads, remained outside with Fleet the unicorn.

The Pale Stranger

Inside, Hawkeye and Aeruk found little in the way of help from the various sailors, their inquiries mostly being ignored or rebuffed. Someone else, however, had much greater success. An armoured, scarred, pale, and vaguely pious looking warrior rather deftly stepped in and gathered the location of the captain from the gruff sailors. Hawkeye seemed strangely drawn to this figure, more so upon seeing that he bore the holy symbol of Kiri Jolith upon his chest brazenly.

Joining this man, Aeruk and Hawkeye joined in conversation with the captain and soon in negotiations over the price of passage. Again, this new found pale warrior seemed much more skilled in bargaining and soon made the rather large claim that he could heal the captain’s men if they were wounded on the journey. Doubtful, the captain remained fixed in his mind. The warrior produced a dagger, to the distraction of all around, and thrust it down into his hand upon the table! Horrified and speechless onlookers watched still as the man healed the hand without bandage or salve, pouring water over it to wash away the blood and show no wound remained. A miracle!

Too much of a miracle for some. “SORCERER! SORCERER!” A gangrelly man with a club and a fear of SORCERERS struck out at the man who had healed with a word, getting in some vicious blows. A small scuffle broke out but the healer calmly stepped away and out the door. Amazed and still somewhat incredulous about the recent events, Aeruk and Hawkeye rejoined Thedan (who had entered the bar upon hearing the fight begin) and informed him of the strange man and their bartered passage on the ship “Catcher in the Wind”.

New Friends

Boarding the ship the next morning, their sea journey began. The healing man, whose name was Veiss, was good if somewhat gruff looking company to have and the three heroes and he seemed to be sizing each other up, appraising each others intentions. One night, after a comfortable evening meal with the captain, the four spoke at length about intentions and goals and eventually Veiss had the truth from Thedan and the rest about the on going war and the heroes’ part in it.

High Seas Battle

Not long after that night, a ship was spotted on the horizon following them and quickly so. The captain was sure that it was an enemy vessel and bade that his crew make ready to fight! There would be no outrunning such a ship. Everyone drew blade and arrow and received the draconian attack once they came within range. Hawkeye’s arrows, imbued with flame by Thedan, pierced many a draconian. Aeruk’s handling of the ballista and his hammer felled many as well. Thedan’s sleeping was restful indeed. And Veiss, the holy warrior of Kiri Jolith slashed and cut into the hated foe, quickly drawing his blade free of one statue before lodging it firmly in the next. Tugging on it to free it before the next draconian attack, Veiss turned to realize that no more remained!

With many of the crew wounded or dead, the group sent the attacking ship with set rigging into the maelstrom to be destroyed and made haste to Flotsom. Once there, the captain thanked them for their aid and suggested that they make to the tavern called ‘The Jetties’ and make good with a woman there named Bertie. She would take care of them.

Three becomes Four

For Veiss, it seemed as if his path and the path of the three heroes were one. Fate had brought him to their side and only fate would part him. The three heroes were now four.

The Jetties

The Jetties turned out to be a strange oasis in the rundown ramshackle town of Flotsom. Relatively well kept and bustling with human and kender trade, draconians were no where to be seen inside the bar whereas you couldn’t spit without hitting one in the streets. Certainly it appeared that the patrons of the bar were no friends to the few dragon army officers that sat at a table on their own.

Thedan’s and Veiss’ approach of Bertie the owner and cook yielded little in the way of help, strange for the fact that the captain had recommended her. A cold shoulder was mostly what greeted their attempts to ellicit information. And another cold shoulder would present itself later in the form of a musician taking a brief break from entertaining the tavern crowd to make his way over to the group’s table.

A Sour Singer

This ‘minstrel’ glared at the group and warned them outright not to cause trouble. A strange introduction indeed! Before many words could be traded, the man soon revealed a little of the extent of his knowledge – he knew names, he knew deeds, and he knew that they carried with them a dragonlance. A symbol of Branchala he held, the same as the kindly Jerek Greenkin, made the man’s firm warnings and aloofness even more strange to the group.

After some very unhelpful banter back and forth and more dire warnings that if the group caused any trouble they’d be dead in the morning(!) Aeruk finally hit upon a key piece of information. Knights of Solamnia had previously come to Flotsom to make an attempt on rescuing someone and had failed miserably, causing much pain and suffering to the people via the Dragon army’s retaliation for such an act. Leafblade, for such was his name, had only assumed that this was the group’s purpose and was not eager for the same to occur again. Soon after the bard realized his error his attitude changed and more information spilled forth readily including one very interesting fact concerning the prisoner the knights were attempting to rescue:

The prisoner was the Grand Duke of Calinhad.


Dragons of Mercy - The Sixth Session
Laughing all the Way
The Preparation

After spending some time in the tower of high sorcery to learn its secrets and rest, our heroes split up briefly. Aeruk and Hawkeye made the journey south to Wonder, a little town on the border of the Laughing Lands primarily populated by Kender. Thedan stayed behind in the tower to do more research and create some potions that might aid the group in the task ahead – assauting the fortress of the Bloodwatch.

While in town, Aeruk spent most of his time shaking his axe in the direction of Kender to keep them at bay. Hawkeye bartered and dealed to purchase armor for Fleet (Pointy) the Unicorn whom he’d been spending a great deal of time training with over the weeks and finally seemed confident to do battle with.

Much rope was purchased.

The Laughing Lands

Soon after, Thedan rejoined the group and the three friends made out into the wastes of the Laughing Lands disguised as mercenaries. Quickly they came to a terrible encampment town, full of sheds and hovels masquerading as houses and shops, with the intention of finding a guide. Hawkeye and Fleet remained outside the ‘tavern’ they located while Aeruk and Thedan ventured inside to make inquiries.

The locals were not friendly. After buying some horrible swill that resembled but was not entirely unlike actual ale from a barkeep that spoke half in barks and whines and half in common that was indistinguishable from such, Thedan was accosted by a rather gruff looking flind. Polite as always, Thedan asked the flind if he was interested in work. The flind struck Thedan across the face with his flind-bar and thus started the great tavern brawl in which Aeruk stood around and watched Thedan explode someone’s head.

The bar soon emptied quickly and word began to spread of the vicious war wizard that was killing people with glances and thoughts. Hawkeye decided it might be better if he alone went to the trading grounds to see if he might procure a guide there. After some time of hanging around, a sly and secret voice spoke to him from where no one had been but a moment ago. Someone was interested in the work and might be willing to help them. A meeting was arranged.

Septus, the gnoll who spoke to Hawkeye, eventually agreed to take them to the Bloodwatch, but on the condition that he receive one quarter of all spoils from the journey. After some expert haggling, this term was agreed to outright and the four companions set out into the Laughing Lands.

The Keep of the Bloodwatch

The guide turned out to be very good at leading them and no untoward encounters were chanced upon during the journey. Upon reaching the bloodwatch late in the day, the group gazed out into the misty red tumultuous sky and scowled at the draconians guarding the entrance.

A plan was quickly devised to kill the draconians silently by surprising them. Septus skulked off into the night to murder the draconian closest to the entrance should he try to call out. Thedan’s bird calls gave the signal and in nearly one fell swoop all the draconians had been killed. Triumph! Discovering a cache of draconian weapons in one of the guarded tower ruins, the group offered all of it to Septus if he continued to aid them in their quest.

Worry still held Septus. He knew there were more draconians here somewhere. Somehow the group would have to find a way to enter the underground temple quietly. Thedan changed into a gargoyle to fly along the cliff face and try to find entry way there. But something began to climb the stairs! Swiftly everyone made their way to hiding places while Septus lifted his cloak like wings and did his best draconian impersonation. Incredibly, the draconian guard who peeked his head up from the stairs bought it and went back down!

Another scouting mission by Septus revealed the possibility that the party could get the jump on the remaining draconian guards down below and with careful accuracy that is just what they did. Another cunning attack and many statues later, the group began to look about the first rooms of the temple. Strange frescos and murals made of tile depicted men and dragons together! How strange!

Opening the door to the next hall revealed a shock. A dragon! Everyone took cover, killing the remaining draconians that lingered in the next room but avoiding the dragon’s cruel gaze as best as possible. But it moved not an inch. Carefully, Aeruk stepped up to the dragon to make a killing blow. Perhaps it was asleep! His weapon passed through the dragon like it wasn’t there. An illusion. Safe! For now….

Deeper into the Darkness

Deeper into an opening cavern the party went until they encounted strange doors and walls cutting through the rock itself. Opening them revealed a great open space, a crevass dropping away, and a bridge leading to odd rooms and domed ceilings that could only be the ruined temple of the Solamnic Knights. Some draconians huddled around a fire on the opposite ledge from the bridge and the group made to attack them.

The Dragon!

Out of the darkness, a beating of wings. Out of the darkness the snorts and scrapings of heaving lungs and terrible claws. The dragon that appeared was certainly real. Thedan was the first, feeling the sting of spewed acid and falling to the floor on an outcrop of rock not five feet from a gaping chasm…on the other side of the bridge from the group. Next, Septus was raked with claws and teeth, dropping in a bloody heap.

Courageous Aeruk! The dwarf charged the bridge and through the ruined temple to reach and rescue the imperiled Thedan while the cowardly Hawkeye stayed out of the way, hitting the dragon with fire-tipped arrows. When he saw a chance, Hawkeye ran to rescue Septus only to discover that the gnoll had died outright. No rescue for him to be had.

The Lance!

Meanwhile, having saved Thedan from certain death, Aeruk plunged his way deeper into the temple only to find a throne room with a dead skeleton seated with a massive lance. With the dragon bearing down on him, Aeruk took up the lance and turned striking out with it in anger, rage, and fear! The dragon was cut to the bone and made great cries of pain before fleeing into the night, up and out of the crevass into the blood red sky.

Now, with no guide to aid them, the group must return to civilization and rally themselves against the dark forces of the necromancer to save all of Krynn from desolation!

To be continued….

Dragons of Mercy - The Fifth Session
To The Tower We Must Go

Quick Summary!

After assaulting Shrill on the Wendlewrithing and discovering information about the lost high tower of sorcery in the area, the party split into two groups. Zamorra and Iohalia headed back to the refugees of Balifor and Jerek Greenkin to spread word of the discoveries and the group’s victories over the forces of the Dragon Army.

Aeruk Ironarm, Hawkeye, and Thedan headed onward, determined to find the enchanted forest and the tower beyond it, armed with a powerful warding scroll to pass through the forest safely.

Unfortunately, the powerful warding scroll turned out to be little more than a mages party joke. Numerous babblings by Aeruk, nervous arrows shot at all living creatures by Hawkeye, and gnoll on gnoll action later, the group finally managed to get past the forest and into the black obsidian tunnel bored deep into the side of the cliff face.

After travelling down the tunnel, the group came out into a massive underground cavern in which a tower had been split into three suspended pieces, each bigger than the last. Approaching the gate revealed great magic inside this place. Could it be the lost high tower of sorcery?

A stone guard at the gate slaughtered Hawkeye in two blows.

Yes, I think it’s safe to say this is a tower of high SOMETHING.

A strange winged demon guide appeared to respond to Thedan’s demands to enter the tower and soon the remaining members of the party were being led through open doors deeper and deeper into the tower to meet up with a strange old individual – the master of the tower, as old as the cataclysm itself!

Oh, and Hawkeye wasn’t really dead, just illusorilly dead. He’s fine.

After a brief conversation with the master of the tower and a crazy laser light show thanks to the armillary sphere that revealed great information about the state of the world and our heroes roll in it, the master began to wither away and die, the long years catching up to him. Quickly, Thedan took control of the tower and thus became the youngest and most inexperienced wizard to ever hold such a position of power. Hawkeye and Aeruk exchanged glances of concern when Thedan began to cackle with glee. Did I mention this tower holds a hojillion books on black sorcery including the necronomicon?

To be continued…

The Fourth Session: Dragons of Mercy
Assault on Shrill
The Notebook

After recovering a badly damaged notebook from the body of a very unsavoury looking corpse, Thedan carefully identified a number of key passages. From his work, the group learned that this man had been looking for something very powerful and that perhaps he’d discovered something that even his master wasn’t aware of. A new fear struck the group as they imagined the power that destroyed cities in the hands of these evil minions who seemed to be in league with the dragon army. With a map to the location of Shrill on the Wendlewrithing and the belief that something of importance could be found there, the group quickly mustered forth.

The Food Train

On their journey, the party came across a travelling group of gnolls driving wagons full of dirty, wounded refugees that had the look of Balifor about them. Without pause, the group made plans to attack the gnolls and free the people. Placing brush and logs across their path, the gnolls were forced to stop as they were assaulted, Bryce and Aeruk Ironarm making the frontal assault while Iohalia and Hawkeye attacked from the trees with bow and arrow. After they were attacked, the gnolls suddenly turned to kill their captured prey, jabbing at the civilians with javelins and spears. Leaping down from his hiding place, Hawkeye flew into a rage at this cowardly move and charged. Not long after, the gnolls realized their situation, being attacked on all sides, and fled their places into the brackish forest of the moor.

The Refugees

After being freed from their cages, the refugees quickly spoke of being from Calinhad. After some questioning, the party learned that the Dragonarmy’s floating castle had departed Calinhad’s skies, heading south-west towards Silvanost! The people of Calinhad were either being used as slave labour in mines or being sent as cattle to the gnolls in exchange for their assistance in the war. A force of about 5,000 dragonmen remain in the city, however, and taking back Calinhad would not be an easy task. Soon the decision had to be made as to what to do with the refugees now and the group finally settled on sending them south to join the other refugees. Bryce and Arianna would go with them, but the group would return their upon dealing with what could be found at Shrill.

The Chasm of the Writhing

Upon arriving at the great rift of the Writhing river, Iohalia scouted ahead, determining that there were no fewer than fifteen dragonmen rotating a five man guard in and around the ruins of a guard post on the eastern side of the writhing river. Two bridges, a stone one and a lower strung rope one spanned the chasm. While investigating a ruined tower on the western side of the bridge, Iohalia and Aeruk Ironarm discovered the ancient remains of what appeared to be a white robed wizard. In his posession, a scroll allowing safe passage to a one of the wizard towers of old through the forest of Wayreth. A legendary find! With such powerful artifacts just lying about, the party got right to the task at hand. Thedan, using his powers, created an invisibility sphere around the companions allowing them to travel across the stone bridge undetected amongst the roar of the waters below. Upon reaching the other side, however, an unnoticed magical trap was triggered sounding alarm bells ringing in the air. Turning to look, the dragon men squinted at the lack of people there until a tiny cat ran into the courtyard and hissed at them. A cat triggered the alarm! Not quite. A magical cat phantasm as pulled by Iohalia from her bag of tricks! Unfortunately, another dragon man, bigger and of a type known to cast magical spells, entered the yard from a building to the left and sniffed at the explanation, turning his gaze to the bridge before yelling “You fools! They are invisible! Attack!”

The Battle of the Two Bridges

A great battle began involving no less than fifteen dragon men and their leaders. Quickly, the party overwhelmed the spell casting dragonman. So fierce was the attack, or so clever was the dragonman, that when he died he exploded, catching the unprepared with a fleck of stone as it flew outward. All of the dragonmen rushed the party and soon Aeruk Ironarm was nearly surrounded. The dwarf spun and ducked, attacking with glee until suddenly a ray of light pierced the evening, striking the dwarf and sapping his strength. Another spell caster had joined the fray, only this one was a man and casting his spells unlike any arcane caster the group had seen.

Bravely the group fought on, whittling down their opposition. Zamorra and his bow sought to disrupt the spell casting man and soon with help from Thedan, he was brought down leaving only the remaining dragonmen to fell. Iohalia, taking refuge behind a corner of a building whirled and smashed with a light hammer, chipping away at the dragonmen while Aeruk Ironarm and Hawkeye led the assault. At one point, Hawkeye seemed to gain a burst of inspiration, ducking the swing of a dragonmans arm before smashing his heavy mace hard into a knee, bringing the dragonman down before sweeping up with a devestating hit with his other mace square into the chin (TWO CRITS IN A ROW!).

As the battle wore on, a wall of dead dragonmen statues began to form as a testament to the skill and destruction of the group. Three dragonmen attempted to flank the party by gliding to the other side of the chasm, but Zamorra spun about to hit one with an arrow as it glided. And then a crack of thunder as a bolt of lightning slashed through the flying creatures, charring their scales. So wounded, finishing them off was no difficult task for Iohalia and Hawkeye. At the end of the battle, many piles of dust remained where the dragonmen’s statues had crumbled. Also remaining: the party, hardly wounded in the exchange.

Time to Rest

Collecting some spoils from the fallen, including a number of rare magical items from the fallen necromantic spell caster, the group searched a nearby keep building and found another laboratory. It would appear these agents lurk everywhere and have been active for some time in secret. Interested in a dagger found on the fallen spell caster, Thedan picked it up only to be scarred by its terrible power. A cursed and foul weapon! With great effort, the wizard hurled the deadly weapon into the raging waters below, casting its black power into obscurity.

To be cont.

The Third Session: Dragons of Mercy
The Court and the Play

After the commotion of the Dragonman attack died down, King Oberon granted the heroes rest and respite in the comfort of his palace. Food, drink, and entertainment were had by all during what could only be described as an orgy of earthly delights. After discussing the dragonmen with Robin Goodfellow, who seemed to have no knowledge of their origin but was aware of dragons, King Oberon returned and bid that his actors present a short play.

The play was an exciting one full of action and peril, describing Huma’s great battle with Takhisis and the power of the dragonlance he wielded. All who watched and heard the story were awed and left with wonderous thoughts: could a dragonlance be wielded against the new terrors? If so, where might one be found? These ideas were kept silent, however, as a newcome to the party caused quite a stir.

The Queen and her Council

Queen Titania arrived at the party instantly becoming the center of all attention for her beauty and grace and strange commanding presence. Introductions were made and great compliments given to everyone in the group. Through conversation the queen revealed that the Necromancer described by Jerek Greenkin was not working alone and that many had helped him and were sent searching through the Beast Run for…something, and the queen knew where one had gone.

The group made ready for the journey, deciding that to better understand what was happening in Balifor finding this necromancer’s assistant might have reveal clues. Certainly undertaking such a mission would help them keep their minds off the wholesale destruction of their old lives. Horses were made ready, including the magnificent Halan – a horse of great size and bearing with a pointed horn upon its brow. Halan was presented to Hawkeye who had lost his companion, Mequa the warhorse, during the exodus from Calinhand. In addition, each member of the group was presented with a gift from Queen Titania to aid them on their travels.

The Camp and the Wolves

On their way to the ruins where the necromancer’s assistant was last known to be travelling, the camp on the first night was interrupted during the witching hour by a number of massive wolves, biting and snapping at flesh. Aeruk Ironarm was on watch when he spotted them in the darkness, calling out to Bryce and the others to make ready to defend themselves. It wouldn’t take long to put down the dogs and be ready to continue on their way in the morning.

The Ruin and the Tomb

Having arrived at the ruin, the group cautiously made their way in to discover the sarcophagus of a long dead warrior and strange written words carved into the walls. Iohalia used her talent for deciphering to pick out the meaning of the story and found a tale of terror and might from the time before the Cataclysm. The warrior, one of the Kingpriest of Istar’s men, had attempted to disrupt the actions of a mage’s circle and in so doing brought about the destruction of an entire city. Pushing open the sarcophagus, the group discovered a lost magical weapon, a hammer, that was given to Aeruk Ironarm to use against his foes.

The Passage and the Gnolls

Seemingly a dead end with nothing but a tomb, the group searched and puzzled over the walls near the sarcophagus to find a buried passageway leading deeper into the hill. Clearing away the rock and dirt, the decision was made to delve deeper into the ruin. Suddenly, stone and earth caved in upon the heads of some of the group, injuring them. The heroes discovered that they must be careful beneath the surface here. Despite their care, however, another trap was unwittingly discovered and triggered bringing down a great blade. Someone or something desired to keep this place safe. It wouldn’t be long before the snarling and growling sounds of gnolls could be heard in the darkness. Battle ensued!

The Temple and the Pool

After dispatching the gnolls and discovering their entry point via a burrowed tunnel, the group discovered a room that seemed to be lacking the Gnoll’s filth and within it a strange pool of water that bore no moss or stench. In fact, the water seemed as pure as pure can be! It didn’t take Zamorra long to identify the room as an ancient temple to Mishikal! Tentatively, the group tasted the clean water and discovered it refreshed and vitalized the body. Immediately, all manner of objects that could possibly hold water were emptied and refilled with the restorative liquid, inadvertantly covering the floor of the holy temple with oil, ink, ale, and all manner of things.

The Stairs

Moving further into the ruin, the group encountered a stairway with a broken section in the middle that dropped away in a great pit. One by one the group leapt across to the other side. The last to jump was the cautious Zamorra, worried that he wouldn’t make it. The group, eager to continue and confident that Zamorra could make the jump, coaxed and encouraged the priest to jump. Unfortunately, Zamorra had already forseen his fate and missed the jump only to fall deep into the pit and injure himself badly on the bottom. After many attempts, he was recovered but only time will tell how the experience truly affected him.

More Gnolls and a Discovery

Creeping down the rest of the stairs, the party ambushed a group of gnolls otherwise occupied, taking them all down quickly. Certainly the stink of gnolls was powerful this deep into the ruin. Moving forward, it quickly became apparent that the ruin in this section actually appeared to be the exterior of an old city street with alcoves and broken cobblestone. Interestingly, a body also was found – that of the necromancer’s assistant! Using one of his gifts from Queen Titania, Zamorra attempted to get the dead body to speak, to answer a single question – what was his purpose in the ruin! But no response could be illicited. On the corpse, however, was discovered many an interesting item. First, a map to another ruin. It seems the assistant was killed mid-mission! Perhaps there are things at the next ruin that remain unfound by these foul necromancers and could be used against them! Second, a journal. Quickly, the wizard Thedan seized upon this spellbook of sorts filled with notes and he stands ready to learn its secrets. What will it tell the group of the evil deeds afoot?

The Second Session: Dragons of Courage
The Beast Run

After fleeing for their lives, the heroes ended up on the outskirts of the Beast Run, a section of dense, nearly primordial forets to the east of Calinhad. After finding shelter and taking time to rest after the attack from the dragon, the heroes went searching through the edge of the woods for other survivors. Soon, they would come across three farmers trapped in what appeared to be sticky webbing of some kind with a large hideous creature attacking them – an ettercap! Charging in, the company soon found that the entire area was a sticky mess of tangled webs. After hacking through some of it, a large spider descended from the trees to attack but was soon killed leaving only the ettercap to deal with.


Before being able to engage the ettercap, an armoured figure plunged down through the branches with the beast underneath, killing it swiftly with a large blazingly lighted two-handed sword. This turned out to be a Solamnic knight, one whom Ariana knew very well! He soon told of a camp where refugees were gathering in safety and agreed to take everyone there.


The Refugee Camp

Upon arrival, the camp seemed full of despair and dismay with huddled masses of thoroughly beaten down people from the surrounding Balifor territory. Somehow, the forest didn’t seem to grow in this section of land, the home of a woodsman named Jerek. Jerek seemed to have plenty of everything to give to the refugees including healing supplies and food and extended his welcome to the heroes. He beared a terrible sadness about what had happened to the people.

The Amulet

Upon showing Jerek the amulet discovered in Calinhad, his demeanor began to change and suddenly a symbol of Jerek’s own faith appeared around his neck. Jerek explained a great many things about the old gods and showed the companions that the constellations were askew, one of them missing! Slowly, Jerek grew more confident and self-assured and the next day, the healer of the companions found that he could work miracles of healing among the people gathered at the camp. Like wildfire the news spread and where there was once a sad camp of destroyed peoples there was now a camp of rekindled hope for the future and strength of purpose.

The Plan

Discussing with Jerek and Bryce, the heroes finally decided to take Jerek’s advice and try to elicit help from the court of the Fae peoples and their king. The grig from Jerek’s home was to accompany them and lead the way. Three strong looking warriors picked from the refugees at the camp were commanded by the knight Bryce to join the group.

The Court

It would only take half a day for the group to reach the court of the Fae King. With the merry grig pointing the way from atop the helm of a dwarf, the company soon ran into a group of satyrs and centaurs who did not seem best pleased to meet them. One of them was known to the grig, Robin, and after a tense stand-off the group was bidden to follow to the court of the fae king. The journey through a massive stone archway deep in the forest magically transformed the landscape into a picturesque valley of lavender and tall grasses with a mystical open aired castle structure in the middle. The company journeyed down into the valley and soon came to the high ceilinged basilica of the Fae King. Leaving their weapons at the door, as bidden earlier to do so, they went inside.


The Hidden Dragonman!

No sooner had the group met with the king, a man of ancient years and yet somehow young at the same time, did the king point towards them with the call “You are not welcome here!” Confusion spread before suddenly a massive dragonman unveiled himself from his human disguise and killed one of the group, nearly killing another! With no weapons, the heroes had to improvise. Many ropes were thrown to try and tether the dragonman as he leapt into the air to take flight. Many axes were dragged by a tired looking, yet very game, grig. Plenty of spells were cast. After a long battle, a severely injured dragonman flew off and out of the building leaving the company to turn to the king in fear of his reaction only to find him clapping his hands in praise.

The First Session: Dragons of Courage

Krynn world map   1

Draconians at the Church

At the Alms Day Celebration you discovered draconians. Its shocking that the draconians managed to disguise themselves so they could get in the city and then move among people without being noticed (too much). The large silvery draconian did more than that – it was able to actually change itself into a Knight and pretend to be one well enough that it was on stage with other Knights and the Grand Duke. The silvery draconian was much larger than the other types of draconian (+/- 8’) and seemed much more dangerous (physically). The silvery draconian was the only one you saw actually fly, the others seem to be able to only glide.

Dragonarmy Numbers

More than 600 draconians arrived by ship. There are now 25 vessels (caravels) in the Ironflow River. Over 1200 infantry arrived on foot overland. And at least as many arrived on the flying castle. And there are dragons. All told you are looking at about 3000 dragonarmy forces now occupying Calinhand. More importantly, it represents a huge strategic advantage for the dragonarmy. They are moving on the seas, overland and in the skies to capture what you expect is all of Balifor and maybe more.

Calinhand, at the time of the attack, had about 1700 infantry men (mostly mercenaries) working to defend the city.

Draconians at the Castle

In the bold attempt to take the castle after the invasion began, you discovered another type of draconian – an arcane spell casting draconian. Keeping in mind the general absence of arcane magic in the setting in general, I think you can understand how strategically important having arcane spell casters in your ranks can be – no army anywhere on Krynn has arcane spell casters period, never mind in enough numbers to actually place them with foot soldiers in the streets.

Dark Cleric in the Streets

In what can only be describe as one of the most horrific things you’ve ever seen, a lone dark spell caster “awoke” the dead and had them fight to defend him from your attacks. Many things about this encounter are strange—but the strangest of all was that in taking the only real item of importance or value from the man, a medallion you witness and odd change. The medallion, when taken by Zamorra, changed from black metal into silver, and the image on the medallion changes from five dragon heads to a blue infinity symbol. What all this means still remains to be determined.

Dragonarmy in the Skies

At the city gate, attempting to escape the city, you witnessed the approach of one of the dragonarmies most dangerous tools, a flying citadel. Literally a castle floating on a mountain of stone in the sky. The approach of the flying citadel saw many many draconians leaping from it and gliding down into the city below. Walls and other terrestrial barriers are no obstacle for such a menace. More over, once the attack was fully underway, a large black dragon made its appearance from the flying citadel representing a terrible threat from the skies.

Refuge in the Beasts Run

The dense forest of the Beasts Run is a perfect refuge given all that has happened in the last day. While it is not safe, it is a good hiding spot and if you can find safe place there, you will have some time to heal and discuss your options. The Beasts Run is notoriously dangerous, with foresters having all kinds of wierd and bizzare tales about the strange monsters that live in its densely forested hills and dales.


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